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Lullaby Lavender Oil - pure and 100% natural, [product type], Lullaby New Zealand

Lullaby Lavender Oil - pure and 100% natural

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Grown in clean green New Zealand. 10ml Pure Essential Oil of Lavender, extracted from our lavender flowers, grown in the pure clean air of the Waikato in New Zealand. All flowers hand harvested for extraction of oil by steam distillation. No chemicals used on the plants.

Some of the many uses of our lavender oil  - lavender oil does not stain; a few drops on your pillow will help you sleep - try some lavender oil in your bath water to relax you before bed - a small amount of lavender oil on bites, scratches and minor burns will calm and aid the healing process - lavender oil in your washing machine final rinse will give your clothes and bedding a wonderful smell - put 5 drops of lavender oil and 1 drop each of mandarin and rose oils in your aroma lamp for the nursery - lavender oil on shaving 'nicks' will stop the bleeding - a few drops of lavender oil in your aroma lamp while breastfeeding is comforting and relaxing for mother and baby - enjoy !

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